Kannada movie Home Minister review

Watch it without high expectations
 Kannada movie Home Minister review

Rating: 2.5/5

Movie: Home Minister

Cast: Upendra, Vedhika, Tanya Hope, Avinash, Sadhu Kokila, Vijay Chendoor, Thilak, Rajesh Nataranga, Suman Ranganath, Suman, Malavika, Sudha Belavadi, Avinash, Srinivasa Murthy, Posani Muralikrishna.

Music: Ghibran

Cinematography: Kunjunni S Kumar

Editor: Antony

Choreography: Bhanu and Johnny Master

Dialogues: Guruprasad, E Dharmendra

Producer: Poorna Naidu

Directed by: Sujay Srihari

Release Date: 1 April 2022

Duration: 123.14 minutes

The movie Home Minister is about day to day problems of middle class families and difference if opinions arise between a working wife and an unemployed husband.

Let us analyse

The story is about a couple Surekha (Vedika) and Renuka Prasad (Upendra). While Surekha works at a private TV channel, Renuka Prasad spends time at home to lookafter his daughter Kundana and also helps neighbors who are in trouble. Surekha applies for a loan for her father's heart surgery. However, circumstances compel him to use the money meant for his father-in-law's heart surgery to help others. It makes Surekha to live separately. Why Renuka Prasad likes to be at home? What was he before he got married to Surekha? What happens to Surekha and Renuka Prasad is the climax.

Artistes’ performance:

Real Star Upendra has tried his best to entertain his fans. As usual, dialogue delivery continues to be Upendra's main strength.. His dancing skills deserve appreciation. He is very good in emotional scenes. Vedika has also acted well. She is too flexible and also bold in a romantic song with Upendra. Tanya Hope is charming. Suman Ranganath has no major role in this movie. Sadhu Kokila, as a lecherous and hen-pecked husband, provides comedy. Most of his dialogues are double meaning dialogues. Vijay Chendoor, as a wayward youth, has also tried to make the audiences happy.


Upendra and Vedika. The performance of Avinash and Sudha Belawadi. Cinematography and choreography.


The reality show and a few scenes including the opening scene where a TV journalist following a psycho and the other scenes where hero promotes drumsticks are far from convincing.


Initially, this movie has created much hype. Many were of the opinion that this movie is about politics because Upendra has been trying his luck in politics. However, it ended up as an ordinary movie. If the presence of Telugu artistes is any indication, it seems this movie may be dubbed in Telugu.

Bottom-line: It is worth watch by Upendra's fans.