KFCC supports Mekedatu padayatra

KFCC supports Mekedatu padayatra
KFCC supports Mekedatu padayatra

Congress-led Mekedatu Padayatra has received a shot in the arm after Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce has not only extended its support but also appealed to Sandalwood artistes to do the same.

Emphasizing the need to support the Congress-led Mekedatu Padayatra in the interest of people in drought-hit areas in the state as the proposed Mekedatu project is aimed at providing water for irrigation and drinking purpose, veteran actress and former president of Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce Dr Jayamala has said the agitation is aimed at convincing Central and State Governments to begin the work on irrigation project at Mekedatu.

“I appeal to all artistes to support the agitation. Movie artistes have played a key role during Gokak and Cauvery agitations,’’ said Jayamala.

Chandru alias Mukhyamanthri Chandru has made it clear that Mekedatu Padayatra is not against either the State Government or the Central Government.

“It is by the people and for the people. So, it is our responsibility to support Mekedatu Padayatra,’’ said Chandru.

Surprisingly, artistes Chandru, Umashree and Jayamala are associated with Congress.