Chetan opposes Mekedatu project

Chetan opposes Mekedatu project
Chetan opposes Mekedatu project

Kannada movie Aadingalu fame Chetan has opposed Rs 9000-crore Mekedatu balancing reservoir project that inundates five villages and more than 1200 hectares of forest land.

Chetan, known for working for the welfare of tribal people, has described the ongoing padayatra by the Congress party as a ‘CAR-YATRA’.

He said that he has observed Congress leaders traveling in luxury vehicles while Congress party workers were taking part in padayatra.

He has appealed to environmentalists to oppose the Mekedatu balancing reservoir project as it would harm ecology and also displace many villagers.

Chetan has acted in Kannada movies such as Aa Dinagalu, Raam, Birugaali, Suryakaanthi, Dashamukha, Myna, Noorondu Nenapu, Athiratha, and Ranam.

The shooting of his other movies including Maarga, 100 crores, and DTS is in progress.