Purushothama review

It is about hapless middle-class homemakers
 Purushothama review

It is about hapless middle-class homemakers

Rating: 2/5

Movie: Purushothama

Cast: Ravi, Apoorva, Harish AV, Ankitha Murthy, Kavitha Narayanaswamy

Music: Sridhar V Sambhram

Cinematography: Kumar M

Editing: Arjun

Directed by: Amarnath SV

Release Date: 6 May 2022

Duration: 149.33 minutes

Certificate: UA

The movie Purushothama is about hapless middle-class homemakers and wayward boys.

Let us analyse

The movie begins with Puruthosham (Ravi) and his wife Vasuki (Apoorva) leading life happily along with their daughter Pinky. Purushotham, being an advocate with expertise in counseling couples seeking divorce, comes to know the problem of his better half. She gets raped by three people, including a dhobi. Will Purushotham eliminate the accused on his own or follow the law is the climax?

Artistes’ performance:

Ravi, also known as Gym Ravi, makes debut as a hero with this movie in Sandalwood. Earlier, Ravi acted as a villain or one among the vicious gang in many Kannada movies apart from Telugu movies. The problem with Ravi is the inordinate delay to make the debut as a hero. He, instead of a lover boy or affectionate husband, looks like an uncle of the heroine because of his age. Apoorva looks beautiful but fails to live up to the expectations. There is no scope for her to run around the trees in this movie. The only consolation is Kavitha Narayanaswamy who played Deputy Commissioner of Police Ramya. Her dialogue delivery and body language deserve appreciation.


Kavitha Narayanswamy. Music by Sridhar V Sambhram.


The slow narration during the pre-intermission tests your patience. No comedy.


As far as the script is concerned, there is nothing to crow about it since we are familiar middle-class housewives becoming rape victims. However, the specialty of director Amarnath is showcasing how the hero, instead of using muscle power, utilises technology to eliminate bad people. This movie reminds us of the gory incidents that took place in Bengaluru a few years ago. Putushothama would have been a better movie had the director avoided a minimum of 20 to 30 minutes of its duration.

Bottom-line: It is worth watching if you are a hard-core fan of Gym Ravi and crave to see him as a hero on the silver screen.