Prarambha review

The movie Prarambha is about the hero falling in love with the heroine and as usual the heroine's parents refusing to give consent to the hero to marry their daughter.
Prarambha review

Old wine in new bottle

Rating: 2.5/5

Movie: Prarambha

Cast: Manoranjan Ravichandran, Keerthi Kalakeri, Kaddipudi Chandru, Shambhavi Venkatesh, Suresh Babu and others

Music: Prajwal Pai

Editor: Vijay M Kumar

Cinematography: Suresh Babu

Producer: Jagadeesh Kalyadi

Directed by: Manu Kalyadi

Release Date: 20 May 2022

Certificate: UA

Duration: 158 minutes

The movie Prarambha is about the hero falling in love with the heroine and as usual the heroine's parents refusing to give consent to the hero to marry their daughter.

Let us analyse

The movie begins with Manthan (Manoranjan Ravichandran), an artist, smoking cigarettes and emptying liquor glass ostensibly trying to forget his lover Prarthana (Keerthi Kalakeri). He, being an orphan, is supported by his friend Sekhar and his wife Keerthana. At this juncture, the director introduces a flashback and narrates how Prarthana happened to meet Manthan and how both of them fall in love. Finally, Prarthana decides to invite Manthan to her house to seek her father’s consent for their marriage. As expected, Prarthana’s father humiliates Manthan. Finally, Prarthana’s marriage is fixed with another affluent bridegroom. As usual, Prarthana decides to elope with Manthan. While on the way, Manthan meets with a road accident and gets admitted to a hospital for treatment. What happens to Manthan is the climax.

Artistes’ performance:

Manoranjan looks good, but he has to go a long way to establish himself as a hero in Sandalwood. It is quite unfortunate to see no improvement in his acting skills even after acting in movies such as Saheba, Bruhaspati, Mugilpet and now Prarambha. The problem with him is that he is yet to come out of his father Ravichandran’s shadow. It may be recalled that the producer and director of this movie published a special invitation which looks like a marriage invitation of Manoranjan Ravichandran and Keerthi Kalakeri as part of the promotional activities.

As far as heroine Keerthi Kalakeri’s performance is concerned, she looks gorgeous but is to improve a lot when it comes to delivering dialogues and song sequences. Shambhavi Venkatesh and Kaddipudi Chandru provided good support.


Cinematographer Suresh Babu has done a good job behind the camera. The beautiful locations of Mysuru are a visual treat.


The script and screenplay are far from convincing. A few of the scenes such as the heroine falling in love with the hero and getting angry with him look too cinematic.


Director Manjunath Kalyadi has offered an old wine in a new bottle. Many movies were made based on this type of script which narrates how the hero and heroine fall in love and how their parents object and how either hero or heroine are compelled to marry against their parents' wishes. The director has failed to make Manoranjan Ravichandran follow the script instead of following him. The audience could see the hero always either smoking or consuming liquor. Fortunately, the director has not introduced not more than one stunt sequence in this movie.

Bottom-line: It is worth watching for those who have no other option to spend their leisure time.