Kannada movie Trikona review

The movie Trikona is about the lives of a few people of different age groups and how they deal with anger, ego and patience.
Kannada movie Trikona review

It conveys message on value of patience

Rating: 3.5/5

Movie: Trikona

Cast: Suresh Heblikar, Lakshmi, Achyuth Kumar, Sudha Rani, Raj Veer, B Marutesh, Rockline Sudhakar, Manadeep Rai, Adhiti and Haasini.

Music: Surendranath BR

Cinematography: Srinivas Vinnakota

Editor: Jeevan Prakash

Producer: Rajasekhar

Directed by: Chandrakanth

Release Date: 8 April 2022

Duration: 125.05 minutes

The movie Trikona is about the lives of a few people of different age groups and how they deal with anger, ego and patience.

Let us analyse

The movie begins with a few employees of a private bank visiting a hotel in Mangalore. They want to seize the hotel for the non-payment of a huge loan taken on it but the hotel owner Nataraj (Suresh Heblikar) wants to repay the loan by selling his property in Ooty. Nataraj and his wife Parvathi (Lakshmi) leaves for Mangalore from Bengaluru. Meanwhile, Trivikram (Raj Veer), who wants to purchase the same hotel owned by Nataraj, also leaves for Mangalore from Bengauru. Kodanda Rama (Achyuth Kumar) and his wife Sita (Sudharani) decide to utilise a complimentary offer – free stay for three days – from the same hotel. They also leave for Mangalore from Bengaluru. While Nataraj is an incarnation of patience, Kodanda Rama is ever ready to quarrel with anyone at the drop of a hat. Trivikrama is not only an egoist but also a wayward youth. All of them are compelled to face problems on their way to Mangalore. What happens to them is the climax.

Artistes’ performance:

Veteran actor and environmentalist Suresh Heblikar is at his best. His dialogue delivery and body language are very good. Senior actress Lakshmi, as a concerned wife, acted well. Heblikar and Lakshmi compete with each other. Her acting in a scene where she supports Heblikar in a road accident scene is very good. Achyuth Kumar, as a quarrelsome husband, has acted well. His performance in a scene where he makes a futile attempt to kiss Sudharani makes you sympathise with him. Sudha Rani, as an obedient homemaker, is very good. The scene in which Sudharani along with two child artistes enjoys music makes the audiences, especially women audiences, to giggle for a while. Raj Veer, as an angry young man, is convincing. Sadhu Kokila, as a stupid police officer, provides comedy.


The acting of Suresh Heblikar and Lakshmi. Sadhu Kokila’s dialogues. Cinematography by Srinivas Vinnakota. The greenery of Sakleshpur and Kudlu Theertha waterfall are a visual treat.


A few scenes, including the particular scene where a man having sex with a sex worker in a car, are far from convincing. The other scene where a police inspector (Sadhu Kokila) dipping his mobile phone in a glass of water. The fight scene in which Raj Veer chases goons.


The movie Trikona has the much needed message to society, especially senior citizens and middle-aged people. Director Chandrakanth, who handled megaphone for Kannada movie 143 more than eight years ago, has done a very good job. Dialogues, especially those on the importance of people having patience, are meaningful. He has succeeded in utilizing the experience and acting skills of veteran actor Suresh Heblikar and senior artiste Lakshmi.

Bottom-line: It is worth watching by family members.