Kannada movie Ek Love Ya review

The movie Ek Love Ya has created loads of buzz in Gandhinagar, the hub of Kannada film industry in Bengaluru.
Kannada movie Ek Love Ya review

Rating: 3/5

Movie: Ek Love Ya

Cast: Raanna, Rachita Ram, Reeshma Nanaiah, Ankita Naik, Shashikumar, Charanraj, Deepak, Suchendra Prasad, Yash Shetty, Sudhi

Music: Arjun Janya

Cinematography: Mahendra Simha

Editor: KM Prakash

Producer: Srinivas P Babu

Directed by: Prem

Produced by: Rakshitha Prem

Release Date: 24 Feb. 2022

The movie Ek Love Ya has created loads of buzz in Gandhinagar, the hub of Kannada film industry in Bengaluru. It has also created a lot of curiosity among the audiences because director Prem is introducing Raanna, the half-brother of his better half Rakshitha as a hero.

Let us analyse

The story is about Amar (Raanna), a bright law student but addicted to smoking and boozing. He even attends the convocation function in an inebriated condition. On the way to convocation, he happens to meet Swathi (Rachitha Ram), the daughter of CH Vishwanath (Charanraj), a famous criminal lawyer. During the convocation, advocate Vishwanath, who attends the function as the chief guest, advises Amar to work as his associate.

Meanwhile, after 20 minutes into the movie, the director introduces narrates, through a flashback, how Amar and Anita (Reeshma Nanaiah) became friends and how Amar falls in love with her and how Amar’s father Shankar (Shashikumar) advises Anita to keep away herself from his son. What happens to Amar and Anita is the crux of the climax.

Artistes’ performance:

Raanna makes debut in Sandalwood as a hero with this movie. It is not fair, even though he is brother-in-law of director Prem, to expect much from him. During the promotional programmes, director Prem has claimed that Raana was cool and calm while facing the camera during the shooting. However, Raana, who appears with a beard in most of the scenes, has to go a long way to establish himself as a hero in the Kannada film industry.

Rachita Ram, also known as Dimple Queen, steals the show with her bold and beautiful performance, particular in boozing and smoking scenes. Her dialogues have the potential to make the front-benchers crazy.

Debutante Reshma Nanaiah has acted well. Ankita Naik, as a call girl, has done justice to her assignment.

Charanraj, who used to play police inspector roles in most of the movies, has played a criminal lawyer character. He deserves appreciation for his acting skills. Shashikumar has nothing to do except appearing in a few scenes and delivering a few dialogues that are loaded with emotion.


Rachitha Ram, Reshma Nanaiah and Charanraj.

Cinematography, music and songs.


The movie has drawbacks such as Raana’s poor performance, long duration of the movie, and double-meaning dialogues.


It is quite disgusting to see director Prem allowing too many boozing and smoking scenes in this movie. It is not clear what he wants to convey to society by giving importance to such insignificant and unnecessary scenes. Most of the dialogues, especially those among the students in an examination hall, are in poor taste.

Music director Arjun Janya has done a commendable job. Background music is too good. The song – Yennegu Hennigu – sung by Mangli is very good.

Bottom-line: It is aimed at youth. It is worth watching provided the movie buffs have the patience to cope with its duration.