I have God and my mum's blessings: Vijay Deverakonda

I have God and my mum's blessings: Vijay Deverakonda reacts to boycott call
I have God and my mum's blessings: Vijay Deverakonda

Vijay Deverakonda said on Monday that he stands with truth and on the issue of boycott trending on social media, he asserted that he is not scared of anything as he had faced a lot in life. He said he trusts God and has the blessings of his mother.

"I have struggled a lot to reach here," the 'Liger' said here during a promotional tour. "I fought for money and respect. I also fought to get work. Before the release of my first film, I didn't have much money and I even worked free of cost."

Recalling his early days in the industry, he said: "Many people opposed me at the time of the release of my film 'Arjun Reddy'. But it became successful. I faced all and now I am not scared. Now, I make movies for the people. Some drama is much needed and I am ready to fight."

Deverakonda also made a plea for all to work together for the success of the entertainment industry. "There are a number of people involved when a movie is released. So, if it fails at the box office, they all suffer. We must work together for each other's success," he said.

Quite happy with the response from the audience in the Capital, Deverakonda said: "The love that I got from the people is going to stay with me forever. I am overwhelmed."

On what his expectations are from the movie, he said he was overcome by apprehensions when Ananya Panday and he started their all-India promotional tour.

"I was not sure about the response from the audience," he said. "When I did a promotion in Mumbai, I had asked Ananya if we will get a good response and whether people would come. Similarly, at other places, too, I was apprehensive, but finally, people turned up and the way they responded in Delhi was really exciting. I feel guilty that we did not came earlier."

To this, Ananya added: "We travelled to 17 cities, took 20 or 25 flights in all, and what kept us going was the love of the people. I am really going to miss this always."