Critical Keerthanegalu review

It is about IPL betting menace
Critical Keerthanegalu review

It is about IPL betting menace

Rating: 3/5

Movie: Critical Keerthanegalu

Cast: Rajesh Nataranga, Apoorva Bharadwaj, Aruna Balraj, Puttaraju, Yashas Abhi, Taranga Vishwas, Tabala Nani, Suchendra Prasad, Dharma, and Yashwanth Shetty

Music: Veer Samarth

Editor: Vishwa Vijeth

Cinematography: Shiva Seena and Shiva Shankar

Producer: Kumar

Directed by: Kumr

Release Date: 13 May 2022

Certificate: UA

The movie Critical Keerthanegalu is about the menace of IPL cricket betting.

Let us analyse

The movie begins with Kariyappa (Tabala Nani), an advocate, approaching the court seeking a ban on *PL cricket as it is affecting many middle-class families who indulge in betting and lose their hard-earned money. The judge (Suchendra Prasad) asks him to present proof on the ill-effects of *PL. Kariyappa promptly produces the documents stating how four families were ruined due to *PL betting. He narrates how Vijay (Rajesh Nataranga) and his wife Chitra (Apoorva Bharadwaj) were leading life happily with their child in Bengaluru and how Vijay loses money in *PL betting. The other story is about Lakshmamma (Aruna Balaraj) and her son Bhaira (Puttaraj), at a village near Mandya, were happy with what they have and how the latter was trapped in the cricket betting and how the former was compelled to kill her son and herself. The other story is about Karna (Yashas Abhi), from Mangaluru, falls in love with Jayashree (Deepa Jagadeesh) and how he loses money in cricket betting and how he commits suicide and the other story is about Tughlak Kumar (Taranga Vishwa), an autorickshaw driver from Belagavi, losing his autorickshaw. Will the judge ban the *PL is the climax.

Artistes’ performance:

Tabala Nani and Suchendra Prasad vied with each other in the court scene. Their dialogue delivery and body language and gestures deserve appreciation. Rajesh Nataranga, as an affectionate father and an employee of a software company, has acted well. Apoorva Bharadwaj and Deepa Jagadeesh are beautiful. They have a lot of potential to become most sought after heroines in Sandalwood if they take acting as a profession. Aruna Balaraj, Dharma and Taranga Vishwa provided good support.


Cinematographers have succeeded in capturing beautiful locations of Mandya, Mangaluru and Belagavi.


Slow narration in the pre-interval session.


Director Kumar has succeeded in narrating how middle-class people lose their hard-earned money to become rich in a hurry. The director claimed that around 120 people lost their lives due to cricket betting. Kuamr, who handled megaphone for Kannada movie Chemistry of Kariyappa in 2019, has selected a right script for Critical Keerthanegalu. The movie would have been a good one if the director avoided the scenes of a transgender and school children falling in love.

Bottom-line: It is worth watching for those who want to know the ill-effects of cricket betting.