Robbers raid house posing as IT officials ; steal ₹35 lakh

Robbers raid house posing as IT officials near B'luru; steal ₹35 lakh
Robbers raid house posing as IT officials ; steal ₹35 lakh

In a shocking incident reported from Karnataka, a group of men posed as income tax officials and raided a tomato trader and robbed him of Rs 55 lakh cash and jewellery.

The incident took place in Byre Gowda Extension area in Kolar district when the six accused arrived in a Multi-utility vehicles and introduced themselves as officials from IT department. The victim allowed them in without realising they were robbers.

By the time reality dawned upon the trader, the cash and jewellery had gone. The looted items include jewellery worth Rs 20 lakh and Rs 35 lakh cash, according to a report in Times of India.

The robbers struck at 8.15pm at the house of Ramesh, who is former APMC president. When the victims questioned the six men, they waves some files at them with CBI imprints.

The trader believed them and allowed them inside the house. Once inside, the robbers asked the family to show them the place where the money and other valuables are kept.

Ramesh and his family fell for the trap and showed them the place where the money was kept. As the robbers started packing the cash and jewellery, the trader got suspicious.

The miscreants then pushed Ramesh and his family members into a pooja room and tied them with ropes and threatened them with knife and machete. The accused then fled the place after destroying the CCTV.

Later, the police were informed and it reached the spot. Quoting sources, the tomato trader also runs chit fund business.